Friday, March 21, 2014

Dispatch from 1st period English

The following interaction has been edited only of names and profanity.

Setting: 8:47am, the classroom is quiet except for a few crinkling chip bags; students are taking a quiz.  

Me: Alright, when you're done, hold on to your quiz and check your work.
Student: HUH! (shoves quiz at me) Take this I'm done.
Me: Check it over, I'll come around and grab it when everyone's done.
Student: (to the person next to her) He's always getting smart. That's why I don't talk to him.
Me: Student, I wasn't being smart or sarcastic or condescending. I asked you polietly to hold on to your quiz until I collected it. 
Student: (as though I'm invisible) Why's he always talking to me?!?! (now acknowledging my presence) Don't talk to me! Leave me alone!
(other students are not surprised by this student's angry outburst)
Me: I'll never stop talking to you because you're my student. I care about you and I want you to be successful.
Student: (grasping for words, but realizing that there's not much she can say back)
Me:  Alright, when you're done, hold on to your quiz and check your work.



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